Work in Sydney

As a seminary of the Archdiocese of Sydney it is only proper that priests formed at Redemptoris Mater will give a time of service to the people of Sydney, working in parishes, schools and hospitals. Generally a priest formed here will be asked to serve within the Archdiocese for a few years before being made available to undertake Missionary Work through the Neocatechumenal Way.

Work around Australia

Redemptoris Mater is being sustained by many benefactors from all over Australia who appreciate the need for missionary priests. It is only proper that priests formed here will therefore also be made available by the Archbishop of Sydney to work in more needy dioceses around Australia. All of Australia needs to be evangelized and re-evangelized and for this we need priests to go everywhere!

Work overseas

Redemptoris Mater is one of the important fruits of the renewal called for by Vatican II which spoke of the need to implement special initiatives that would help the better distribution of priests and also tackle the problem of the serious scarcity of priests in many parts of the world. It is a gift also for the Archdiocese to prepare itself to send missionary priests also out of Australia. In fact it is already not unusual to find seminarians and priests of Redemptoris Mater working in the more remote regions of PNG and beyond!